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Eating smart and being sexy
So, doraphilia and I have been talking for the past half hour or… 
22nd-Feb-2008 09:28 am
(funny) hey voice! get me a juicebox!
So, doraphilia and I have been talking for the past half hour or so and I thought I'd share over here. She and I both have wedding dresses to fit into by October, and neither of us want to lose a bajillion pounds. I personally really only want to tone my shoulders and arms and back (hello, strapless dress!) and be stronger.

Anyway, what were were talking about was NotDieting, which is kind of the theme of this community.

NotDieting is the conscious decision to make good choices, not for the sole purpose of losing weight, but for the overall goal of good health. Weight loss is a side benefit.
NotDieting does not mean cutting out all sweets and junk food; it means changing the ratio.
Still have cookies with lunch, but for dessert after dinner, have fruit.
Eat more foods with three or less ingredients. Eat less foods that have more chemicals than recognizable things.
Still go out to eat, but cook dinner at home 9 times out of ten.
Eat when you're hungry (true hunger!), and don't eat when you're not.
Exercise! When you can. But don't spend two hours in the gym every night at expense of your life.

In other words, have common sense.

And there hasn't been a lot of support for this lifestyle in the US. Everything is extreme, or one-sided, or shone through the size-2 Hollywood lens. And it's not fair, because both Dora and I are vibrant, strong, gorgeous women, but when we wear our dresses all we can see are our bellies.

Don't know where I'm going with this, because it's nothing that hasn't been said in this community before. I guess it's more of a public pledge to myself, to be myself on my wedding day, softness and lumps and all. People are not going to be staring at my belly. They are going to be watching me glow with happiness, and dance, and EAT. And it's going to be a great day.
22nd-Feb-2008 07:02 pm (UTC)
I love this post! And it's so true, everything you said. I am using the wedding as an impetus, but not the real reason for a change in trying to have a healthier lifestyle.

I'm going to join this community now!
22nd-Feb-2008 07:06 pm (UTC)
Please do! It goes in fits and starts, but I'm trying to post more things.
22nd-Feb-2008 11:29 pm (UTC)
Seconding the wholehearted agreement with this attitude towards food! Post as manifesto?
23rd-Feb-2008 12:09 am (UTC)
Wonderful idea! Will run past co=mod october31st!
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