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8th-Oct-2007 09:17 pm - 'Caribbean' Chicken Salad
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Wow, I've been a wretched mod. Then again, picking up your entire life and moving it seven hours away takes a lot out of you. Fortunately, this recipe is super-easy, incredibly delicious and (after two people with average appetites are done with it) leaves lots of yummy leftovers.

'Caribbean' Chicken SaladCollapse )
8th-Oct-2007 07:51 pm - Two recipes from this week
(alton) he's good eats
Hi, y'all. This community still exists, yanno.

Two recipes that we tried this week:

Dad's BiscuitsCollapse )

Crockpot ApplesauceCollapse )
1st-Mar-2007 06:26 pm(no subject)
prairieheath, I tried your recipe tonight. I think I screwed up by putting too much water in, though. I figured I was cooking a little more than what you put down, in a fairly large pan, so I needed more water. Well, it came out a little soggy. I still have hopes, though. Plus, this was the first time I'd tried cooking fish. Maybe it was the flounder, too. Hmm.

At any rate, it was very easy to make and I look forward to trying it again. :)
12th-Feb-2007 07:17 pm - Easy dinners.
Hi I'm new so I thought I begin my sharing one of my favourite easy fish recipes.

2 fish fillets (salmon, basa, tuna or mahi fresh or frozen)
2-3 citrus fruits (lemon, limes, grapefruits or oranges, or a combination therein)
2-3 tbsp water.
Sprinkle of salt and pepper

Slice the citrus fruit thickly, and lay the slices over the bottom of the pan, and then add 2-3 tbsp. of water.
Lay your fish over the citrus fruit, sprinkle some salt and pepper (possibly some herbs, dill or thyme) and then put it on a burner with medium heat with the lid on. Most fish take 10-15 minutes, check it periodically to see if it's cooked. When the fish is opaque and flaky, remove it from the citrus fruit and serve with salad or rice. Discard the citrus fruit. I've made orange bassa fillets, lemon salmon, lime tuna and grapefruit/lime mahi, they were all really tasty, didn't take long and are low in fat.
I hope you enjoy.
11th-Feb-2007 10:39 pm - Swedish Meatballs
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Dear cuties,

I tried out a new recipe tonight and I just had to share it, although it probably isn't new to many of you: Swedish meatballs.

In the wintertime, I find myself craving heavier, richer foods, probably because where I live the temperature can hit lows of -40 C in February (interesting fact: -40 C = -40 F).

My partner's family is Swedish, so I had never actually attempted this delicacy before tonight. I figured that while I (a girl of English/Irish descent) make a mean Yorkshire pudding, I probably couldn't serve up Swedish meatballs of the calibre he would get at a family smorg.

I was inspired, as I frequently am, by Alton Brown's "Good Eats". His recipe and methodology made it seem like the simplest thing in the world to make. So I did.

the recipeCollapse )

The meatballs were small and perfect, crispy on the outside and flavourful on the inside. The gravy was rich and creamy and satisfying. I served the meatballs and gravy over a bed of buttered egg noodles. My partner cleaned his plate and asked for seconds.
11th-Feb-2007 07:21 pm - yummy yellow split pea soup
Tonight we're making another batch of the absolutely delicious yellow split pea soup that we made last week. Someone on my friendslist asked me for the recipe after we made it the last time, so I figured I'd post it here in case anyone else is interested, too. We use yellow split peas because my husband sabishi thinks the green ones look like baby vomit, or some such thing...if you'd rather use green, go for it.

Recipe under the cut!Collapse )

Mmm, split pea soup.

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27th-Jan-2007 04:40 pm - BLT Soup
I'm currently enjoying my new favorite winter repast: Bacon Lentil Tomato Soup. I rediscovered my love for soup while my boyfriend was visiting and we decided to use up the leftovers we had from the week prior and started tossing things in a pot. I've tweaked it a bit since then, to good ends I think. And now I share it with you. (Warning: I don't cook precisely, so expect vagueness.)

Start with 8 pieces of your favorite bacon. Fry them up as you usually would, though if you're a fan of extra crisp, I might encourage you to leave them a little chewy this time. Set aside to drain.

After allowing the drippings to cool a bit, use a bit of it to sweat finely minced garlic, diced white or yellow onion, and some diced celery. Salt lightly. Once the onions are soft and translucent and your kitchen has taken on the heavenly aroma of onions and garlic, add one carton of vegetable broth.

Bring the broth to a boil and add a half cup of red lentils. Simmer for a good 20 minutes before adding a small can of crushed tomatoes (I like the fire-roasted kind). Chop bacon into smallish bite-sized pieces and add to the soup. Add a few pinches of dried basil. Allow to simmer another 15 minutes.

Garnish at will. Sop up dribs and drabs with hunk of good bread. Enjoy winter.
13th-Jan-2007 07:32 pm - Banana Bread!
It's been awhile since I've baked, but now that we've got a KitchenAid (awesome present from mom & dad!), I decided to give it another try. I've been doubting my baking-mojo ever since the craptastic lentil loaf I made this Thanksgiving. Our stove is, to put it nicely, less than reliable, so that's been a bit of a bother, too. But anyway, we had some bananas that were a bit past the point where I like to eat them, so I decided to make some banana bread, with my helpful assistant, sabishi (my husband). I'm posting the "recipe" I used; I made it up on the basis of a few recipes I've seen, using my generally successful "throw things in until it looks like the kind of dough it's supposed to be" method:

Recipe and pictures below the cut!Collapse )

I'm trying a small slice of each kind right now, and they're both totally delicious!

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8th-Jan-2007 12:09 pm - Christmas (Eve) Dinner!
Bork! Bork! Bork!
Apologies to those who will see this twice.

I've finally gotten around to uploading photos of my Christmas Eve culinary efforts to my Flickr account. You can view them in this set.

EDIT: A commenter over on my journal requested recipes. For years I've cribbed from Epicurious.com for ideas, so here are the original building blocks of the food in the photos.

The menu:

Salad of Roasted Bell Peppers with Harissa, Raisins, and Toasted Almonds*

Coriander-rubbed Prime Rib**

Couscous with Candied Dates and Orange Zest (not pictured)

Sauttéed Carrots in a Cinnamon, Cayenne, Lemon, and Brown Sugar Glaze


Salad of Spring Greens with Goddess dressing, Cherry tomatoes, and Red Grapes****

Cardamom Yogurt Pudding with Orange and Cinnamon Honey Syrup and Candied Dates

* - I substituted the walnuts in the recipe for almonds, as I have apparently developed a mild allergic reaction to walnuts.

** - No recipe for this one. Just plop a prime rib into a roasting pan, rub with a good bit of olive oil and coriander, then pour red wine over it and toss it in a 325 degree oven for a few hours until it reaches your desired level of doneness. Don't forget there will be carryover cooking in any large piece of meat.

*** - Obtained from a Chicago Middle Eastern bakery/grocery and driven up to MN for the occasion.

**** - The dressing was Annie's Naturals Goddess Dressing. Highly recommended.

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If you're like me, you want to cook more. You grow weary of the same hastily-made sandwiches and stovetop mac 'n cheez every night. You yearn to find the time to create a delicious, homemade dish, or try your hand at an intriguing new recipe, whether it is to be savored in solitude, shared with a special someone, or passed around amongst a larger gathering. But, if you're like me again, you come home tired from work, look at the stack of dirty dishes in the sink, say, "Screw it," and open a pack of cold cuts.

Well, no more! The First Semi-semi-annual (i.e., whenever the heck we feel like holding it) foodiecuties Cookstravaganza is here! Now's your chance to find a reason for taking the time to gather ingredients, clear off the counter, tell your loved ones to stay the hell out of the kitchen, or lend a hand for the love of God, as the case may be, and get down and dirty with digestibles.

1. Pick a dish you've always felt like making, or just one that sounds good to you. With the holidays coming up, this could be a great time to make something to pass around at a party or family gathering.
2. Post in the community about the dish you're going to make (including a link to the recipe if it's online) and why.
3. Get everything you need to make it, and set aside some time to do so.
4. Enjoy the cooking process! Experiment and try adding new things! Take silly photos of you and your friend cooking with silly hats on! Whatever you like.
5. Serve and enjoy.
6. Post again, describing in detail the cooking process, any mishaps that may have occurred, and how it came out. Would you ever make this again? Has it inspired you to try something else? Whatever you like. Photos are totally awesome.

If you have any questions, let me know. I'm setting a deadline of January 31st, a perfectly arbitrary date, but one that will give you plenty of time to think it over, whether you want to cook for the holidays or wait until the hustle and bustle is over with.
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